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Mothers Day Cupcakes

Mothers Day Cupcakes

Mothers Day Handbag Gift Boxes

Mothers Day Gift Box

Individual Mothers Day Cupcakes


  1. Wow they are all stunning!

  2. I love these!!! I especially love the high-heel cupcakes...those are so me!! Great job!


  3. I still cannot wrap my mind around the fact that you already had mother's day this past weekend!? I'm reading all sorts of blogs and thinking, did I forget? but I still have a few weeks here in the Netherlands. Love your mother's day cupcakes!

  4. hi! I'm a brazilian who felt in love for cupcakes. You make them so perfect... I'm interested in your cupcakes "box" for four cakes. Here we just have no options at all! you can check out my work at

  5. I love the high heels you use for the cupcake topper! I don't think it was edible. But they really look good!

  6. Thank you for your comment. The high heels and peonies were made from flower paste and are completely edible!

  7. They're soooo pretty, especially the set of 4 boxes -- very lovely colours!


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