Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Cake Parlour- Sweet Tables (Book review)

The Cake Parlour- Sweet Tables by Zoe Clark

The book is divided into 6 chapters each focusing on a different sweet table including recipes and detailed instructions for how to make all the desserts.

  1. The Candy Collection
  2. A Romance of Ruffles
  3. A Feast of Roses
  4. Festival of White
  5. Lullaby of Sweet Loves
  6. At the Cake Parlour
My favourite chapter is 'A Feast of Roses' which features a gorgeous sweet table with beautiful towers of pink macaroons and red sugar roses and stunning chocolate-wrapped rose raptures, cupcakes and truffles. It is a really pretty book with lots of inspirational ideas and recipes.

A kindle edition of the 'A Romance of Ruffles' chapter is also available individually and features a trio of ruffled buttercream cakes with full instructions and co-ordinating desserts.

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