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Super Cake Moms Collaboration

I was recently invited to take part in a 'SUPER CAKE MOMS COLLABORATION!'

49 cake artists from around the world came together to honor a very special group of people…MOTHERS! 

Mums wear many hats: chef, hairstylist, chauffeur, wife, nutritionist, maid, wardrobe consultant, referee, gardener, nurse, entertainer, accountant, teacher…..all this and without receiving a paycheck! We wanted to celebrate our own Mums and Mothers across the world by creating beautiful floral cakes that are as diverse as each of our Mums. Each artist chose a flower and created a cake to showcase it. We hope you enjoy our collaboration because it was made with love.

Here are all the cakes and the cake artists who took part in the collaboration.
1- Ana Mourinho Remígio (DAHLIA) 2- Shawna McGreevy (ANEMONE) 3- Barbara Luraschi (POPPY) 4 - Veena Pamela Azmanov (ROSE) 5 - Mandy Hedglin (CROCUS) 6 - Loren Ebert (VIOLETS) 7 - Candace Chand (PARROT TULIPS) 8 - Robin Apted (Rambling Rose) 9 - Christine Craig (CAMELLIA) 10 - Jeanne Winslow (COSMOS) 11 - Lisa Templeton (ENGLISH ROSE) 12 - Calli Hopper (FLAME LILY) 13- Riany Clement (ORQUID -PHALAENOPSIS) 14 Danielle Everaert ( RANUCULUS)15 - Sarah Clark (SUCCULENT) 16 - Gulnaz Mitchell (HIBISCUS) 17 - Kara Andretta (Plumeria aka Franginpani) 18 - Violet Lin Tran (LOTUS) 19 - Julie Tenlen (DOGWOOD) 20 - Vanessa Wardle (HYDRANGEA) 21 -Ivone Kartadinata (CYCLAMEN) 22 - Rudy Martinez (SWEET PEA) 23- Dina Nakad (PEONY) 24 - Yanira Anglada (GERBERA) 25 - Jonathan Theuma (CLEMATIS) 26- Rumana Jaseel (BIRD OF PARADISE) 27 - Pauline Po Soo (ORCHID VANDA)28 - Hajnalka Mayor (WATER LILY) 29 - Eva Salazar (BOUGAINVILLEA) 30 - Tanya Halas (DAFFODIL) 31 - Faye Cahill (PANSY) 32 - Alan Dunn (STARGAZER LILY) 33 - Dorothy Klerck (KING PROTEA)-34 - Ann-Marie (MAGNOLIA) 35 - Charlotte Tyson(CHERRY BLOSSOM) 36 - Lori-Ann (DOUBLE IMPATIENT) 37 - Karla Chumpitaz (CARNATION) 38 - Calvin Mark (GARDENIA) 39 - Jessica MV (FRENCH TULIP) 40 - Sharon Spradley (AUSTRALIAN CHRISTMAS BELL)41 - Kay Gajra (ORQUID CATTLEYA) 42 - Edna de la Cruz (CYMBIDIUM ORCHID) 43 - Ange Cliffe (FOXGLOVE) 44 - Margaret Ellis ( CHINESE JASMINE)45 - Yili Brown (GUELDER ROSE) 46 - Hilary Mckeown (LILAC) 47 - Joly Diaz ( SAXIFRAGA MOSSY MIXED) 48 - Annie Berube (QUEEN OF THE NIGHT) 49 - Missy Claire Cakes ( THISTLE) 

This beautiful video showcases all the cakes and the cake artists who created them!

This was my contribution to the project. The flower that I chose was 'Cherry Blossom', which I arranged on the cake with a peony and some hydrangea flower.


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